The Onefinity 3-Axis Touch Probe allows you to quickly and automatically Zero your CNC's X, Y, and Z axis or Z axis only. Our touch probe is manufactured by Triquetra a company that has been producing quality touch probes for years! Our probe is incredibly easy to setup, just plug it into the dedicated probe port on the back of the controller. No soldering, crimping or screwing required!


Our touch probe is designed to probe the top right corner instead of the bottom left corner like some of the competitors. This is benefical in maximizing your CNC's cutting area as well as helping prevent damage to your cutter in case your connection gets interrupted. We also double probe each axis to ensure accuracy!

Onefinity 3-Axis Touch Probe

C$125.50 Regular Price
C$112.95Sale Price

    Product info:

    Our rails are composed of two 35mm hardened steel tubes.  We use sealed linear bearings for smooth, maintenance free motion.  All axis ball screws come standard.  Assembly time should be less than one hour because most parts come preassembled!

    Our advanced controller is a fully enclosed, smart CNC controller with built in CAM software allowing for operation without a computer!  Built on the tested and proven Buildbotics open source, this allows us to drive our motors at higher rates for a smoother operation.  With built-in features including 4 motor channels at up to 6A, microstepping up to 256, step rates up to 250k/sec per channel, and smooth S-curve acceleration on the fly which gives you clean cuts and prolonged tool life. We think this is the best controller yet.


    We understand that you want to protect your investment for the long term. This is why we NEVER require the Onefinity to be connected to the internet.  It is 100% able to work offline.  However, we think one of the best features of our controller is the ability to connect it to a network (via built in ethernet or wifi).  While this feature is 100% optional, it opens up some really cool abilities.  First, your controller can receive firmware updates and bug fixes to enhance the Onefinity’s abilities.  Secondly, once connected to your network, your Onefinity can connect to any device with a web browser on the same network. By doing this, you can control your Onefinity via a phone, tablet, or computer.  We’ve even had it connected to a game console!  With the optional USB camera you can keep an eye on your Onefinity CNC from anywhere!

    Designed in Canada

    Manufactured in Canada

    Tested in Canada (each unit is fully tested before shipping)

    Supported in Canada and USA


    What’s included in the kit:

    3 Preassembled X and dual Y rails

    1 Preassembled Z Slider

    1 Electronics Controller

    1 7” High definition touchscreen display

    4 Quick connect wire harness’s

    1 Controller to touchscreen wire harness

    Not included:

    Makita Router. The Onefinity is designed to work with the Makita RT0701C Trim Router.

    Bits and Cutters. You will need to supply your own bits and cutter.

    Waste Board. We recommend 3/4'" MDF. The size will depend on the machine you purchased and your setup.

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